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How to Stop Dog from Scratching Door When I Leave: Top Guide

Now and again it has been observed that dog scratches door which annoys the pet owner or the other members of the family. Your pooch scratches the door either out of excitement as if they want to know something or to catch attention or when they left alone.

Dog scratching door frame is indeed irritating, so it is essential to stop your four-legged friend from scratching the door. Let’s move ahead to explore the top guide regarding the same.

Stop the Dog from Scratching Door When I Leave

1. Overlook the undesirable deeds

Whenever your pet bark or scratch the door from outside then you leave the room to disappear. This will throw the image to your pet that you are ignoring his deeds. Train your loving pooch that scratching is not at all pleasant task and he will be rewarded for disciplined behavior.

2. Control your emotions

You should control the feelings of excitement whenever you come back to your home after a long day out. Don’t express intense love and care to your loving pet otherwise in your absence it will create the feeling of loneliness in the mind of the pet which will result in anxiousness. Let your doggie be confident which will check dog scratching door when I Leave.

3. Firm ‘No’

Say ‘No’ to your pet in an assertive way on every occasion of scratching. You have to be patient while teaching him the etiquette. Slowly and gradually your pooch will learn that what all tasks are permissible to execute.

4. Dog door

In markets, lots of doggie doors are available in the market you can choose the best electronic dog door of your choice which will allow your pet to go in and out freely as per the decision. It would be great if you install a dog door as your pooch doesn’t have to depend for his movement.

dog scratching5. Check the habit of scratching

From the beginning, you should check the practice of your valued pet of scratching the door when I Leave. Make your pooch aware that scratching the door and unnecessary barking will make you annoy and disturbs the environment of the family.

6. Train your pet

Teach your pooch to stay alone in your absence as well as the presence at home. Don’t give extra importance to your pet when you go out as it will make him lonely. You make your pet self-dependent that if you stay at home then also he plays on his own so that he can manage his schedule. Reward him treats for positive motivation at whatever time he behaves as per your wish and preference.

All these basic guidelines will make your dog stop scratching the door. Your continuous efforts and patience will inevitably develop good habits in your pet. Your pet will behave in the same manner what you teach, so you train your precious pet following the above-mentioned guiding principles so that he acts admirably. The well-intentioned training will result in productive results which will make your stay with your pooch memorable.

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