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How to Keep Cat From Using Dog Door- Find Here Some Simple Hacks

Petting, scratching, and cuddling a dog or a cat is as soothing as meditation. To have a pet is like having the best companion throughout life! The short little lives our pets spend with us; they treat us so well that makes us feel on cloud nine each day. For them, we are always their angels and heroes. But as they are living in the society and with a lot of hoomans, we have to train them well. It also includes some necessary training like when to roam around and when to not!

How to Keep a Cat Indoors with a Dog Door?

We all face the same set of problems when it comes to a pet. And when we have more than one pet who is from a different breed, the issue gets bigger. Here, we are presenting some simple hacks to solve one common problem of two different pets; which is using the doors of each other! If you have a cat and a dog, then this article is for you. After all, it is essential to keep our pets safe and our house cleaner. Read further to know more.

1. Pick a Door for Cats

Pick a Door for Cats

Decide a particular door from which your cat can go outside. If you wish that your cat must use the back door, then help your cat to associate with that. Give her some signs by putting her harness near the door. You can also paint that door with the cat’s favorite color or do something associated with the cat. You can also make all the other entries hard to open by a cat. Make them a little heavier or stiff, except the pre-decided door.

2. Teaching and Training

Teaching and Training

As we know, training plays a vital role when it comes to pets.

To go to a specific place when you are not with her. You can make a cat tower or a tree hut. Whenever you leave the house or you don’t want her to roam around, walk over that specific place. Try to encourage your cat to come over and give some treats to keep her busy. If she doesn’t know that the doggo is using the dog door, she might not follow him.

3. Dog Doors that Keep Cats Inside

Dog Doors that Keep Cats Inside

Doggie doors are very convenient even for cats. But there are few electronic dog doors available which keep the cats or other pets aside. Such doors open up automatically when a pet wearing the trigger device on its collar gets close to the door. So, it doesn’t open if any other animal tries to cross the gate. Like this, you can keep the cat away using the dog door. She might get confused initially, but later on, she will get used to it and eventually stop trying.

4. Installing Invisible Fences

Installing Invisible Fences

There are some devices available in the market which includes minor shocking effects. You have to install the fence outside the dog door and put a collar on the cat. Here you have to keep one thing on your mind. Don’t allow your dog to play or wear such collars as they have a shocking device on it. So whenever the cat tries to use the dog door, the invisible fence will zap her and remind her not to use the dog door. Do not worry as such shocks are minor and don’t harm the animal.

5. DIY Door Dog

DIY Door Dog

If you don’t want to give static shocks to the cats, you can make DIY dog doors. You may know that the non-electronic dog doors have magnets at the bottom of the flap. These magnets keep the door closed, and only a push can open it. So what you can do is; add more magnets to the door and strengthen it. Cats are weaker than the dogs. They may not have that energy to move those magnetic force.

So, these are the simplest hacks you can use to keep the cats away from using the dog door. But there is the fact that training has no other alternatives. So train your cats well so that they don’t use dog doors. Talking about the other options, DIY dog door or electronic dog doors are convenient. Invisible fences or scat mats are safe but expensive. Also, many people don’t prefer shock treatments for their beloved pets.

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