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How to Install a Dog Door in a Glass French Door: Latest Guide

Having a pet dog is fun, but handling them all the time is quite a task. Dogs don’t like staying in the house all the time. They wish to play in your house garden and have a gala time. There are many times your dog would run into the house and would want to go back to the garden. And being a dog owner, you have to hold the door open for your dog every now and then. This is possible when you are at home. 

But, what about the times when you are so indulged in your work and getting up every time your dog wishes to go out is not possible. What about the times when you are out of the house for your work? Of course, you can’t lock your dog inside the house or outside the house. And at the same time, you can’t leave your apartment unlocked. Let us help you find a suitable alternative that keeps your home safe and dog happy. Well, how about a doggie door

What is a Dog Door? 

What is a Dog Door

It is a small opening, comfortable enough for your dog to move in and out of the house without needing human assistance each time. If you have a wooden door, it just needs to be cut by the carpenter, order an appropriate dog door and get it installed by a professional. But what if you have a French Glass Door? You cannot just cut the glass. It would be huge damage and perhaps costly enough. Not to worry as we can help you with that. Below given are the steps to be followed in order to install the dog door in a single pane of French Glass as a door.

How to Install a Dog Door in a Glass French Door

Step 1: The Required Measurements

The initial step for installing a dog door is to know how much space does your dog requires to move. Of course, you don’t want your dog to struggle through the door or get hit on his head to avoid such mishappenings, proper measurements of the size of the dog must be taken. Take the measurement thrice to be sure of it because a mistake now can prove to be hurtful to your dog. 

Step 2: Making the Appropriate Cut

Now that you have the measurements of your dog, you need to add two-three inches of safe distance and make arrangements to make the appropriate cut in the glass door. Doing this is no adventure, and of course, not an experiment for the glass door has cost you a reasonable price. Do not cut it by yourself if you are not confident about it. There are chances that you might either get hurt or ruin your glass door. Hire a local glass cutter or a glazier and get the appropriate cut in the door. The work best suits to the hands of the one skilled for it.

Step 3: Get the Desired Dog Door

Keeping the glass cut as it is would also serve the purpose for your dog’s movement, but it doesn’t look right, and at the same time, your dog might get hurt. Your dog deserves to have a good entry and exit for sure. Either order a suitable dog door online or go and buy it yourself. The most important thing while doing so is keeping in mind the thickness of your French Glass Door and also the design that your dog would like. Select the dog door accordingly.

Step 4: Installation of the Dog Door

You have everything you need for the Dog Door to be installed. Now take the help of the Glazier to fit the dog door with ease and make sure it would not harm your dog anyway. Also, check it out if your dog can move in and out quickly from the door. In case any changes are required, ask the Glazier to help you with it. And that’s it! You have successfully installed an entry in your single pane French Glass Door.

Multiple Panes French Glass Door

Multiple Panes French Glass Door

We talked about a single pane of glass, but what if you have multiple panes French Glass Door? You will have to decide the number of glass panes that you will have to remove to make the Dog Door. It all depends on the size of your dog. 

  • For a small dog, one glass pane might be enough. 
  • For a large dog, more than one glass pane might be needed. 

In order to install a dog door in a French Glass Door with multiple panes, the steps remain more or less the same with a little bit of addition. The initial step remains as it is, like, measuring your dog to get an idea of the size of the Dog Door needed. Next, it is crucial to ascertain the height of the Dog Door required as per the size of your dog. 

Following this, hire a Glazier and ask him to cut the glass panes as per requirement. You can also do it by yourself if you are confident. By the time you must order a beautiful Dog Door online or go and buy it yourself in accordance with the thickness of the glass. Set up the Dog Door and see if there are any changes to be made.


And, here you go. A beautiful Dog Door for your dog is ready for use. Now all you need to do is train your dog to use the custom fit door of his own. It serves multiple purposes at the same time. Firstly, you don’t have to go and open the door every time your dog wants to go out. Secondly, you can lock the house and go to work with a relief that your dog is not locked in the home or outside the house. The best part is that your dog will be happy that he can come and go as per his wish. Make your dog feel loved by arranging this special treatment and make him feel more important. 🙂

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