Best Screen and Storm Door Closer : Compatible with Any Door

Storm Doors – the name is enough to understand its usefulness. They are typically made of aluminum, fiberglass, or wood. Such doors have interchangeable glass and screen inserts, and because of all these inputs, a brand new massive duty screen door closer can stay intact up to 25 to 50 years.

These doors are very beneficial as they can;

  • Protect the exterior door
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Keeps the insects out
  • Decrease the chances of theft

Best Screen and Storm Door Closer

A storm door gives extra protection by putting an obstacle between the summer heat, the winter cold, and you. Here you can find a list of some of the best options available in the market. Let’s find out which one suits you the most.

1. Lazy Monk Magnetic Screen Door

Lazy Monk Magnetic Screen DoorLazy Monk provides the premium magic curtain with magnets and mosquito screens or the bug net for the entire door. It is thick and scratch resistant but still can allow fresh air to enter. In short, it is the exact thing you need for your house’ protection.

Features and Specifications

  • It can quickly catch and stop the nasty bugs from entering the house. It comes with 20 Velcro pieces so that it can be easy to have a stable frame. It also has thumbtacks that help increase safety when needed.
  • The kit includes an instruction booklet and 1 original rubber door stopper. The curtain netting of this magnetic door contains 26 built-in strong magnets from top to bottom. It keeps the door moving for the automatic open and close.
  • If you have pets in your home, then they can quickly come or go out as much as they want. The Velcros are so perfect that they can even work with the stiff breeze. The super thick polyester mesh ensures a quick seal and easy excess.

The Magnetic Screen Door that fits all door sizes up to 39 x 82 inches (100 x 210 cm.) It is super fast to install and super simple to remove. It doesn’t leave any marks behind and still works best to get rid of bugs. The company provides five years of warranty.


2. Andersen Storm Door Closer

Andersen Storm Door CloserAndersen Storm Door Closer Kit includes a standard closer, door and jamb bracket, drill bit and screws. It prevents door-slamming and helps to get rid of mosquitoes and bugs.  This 2-closer kit is the best storm door closer you can ever have with the push button.

Features and Specifications

  • If you want some external parts than the included pieces, you can get it from the company itself. Andersen supplied replacement parts and also mounting brackets. It comes with the white finish which is slaying the look.
  • It fits most emco and Andersen storm doors. But still, it is preferable to match your jamb bracket with jamb bracket before ordering. Also, one thing to keep in mind is that the closers have adjustable closing speed.
  • This storm door allows you to prop the door open. The mounting brackets make the installation easy. There is no hold open washer needed, and it fits most emco and Andersen storm doors.

The company provides the facility of easy return. You can return this automatic door closer within 90 days if it doesn’t suit you or it is not correctly matchable. This product is a real loot at this price. Try it once and then decide.


3. Fortress Hardware Company Door Closer FS-1306

Fortress Hardware Company DoorIf you are looking for the hydraulic storm door closer, then FS-1306 by Fortress Hardware Company is the best automatic adjustable closers grade 3 spring hydraulic auto door. It works great for the home or light office use, sheds, ranch, etc.

Features and Specifications of FS-1306

  • Not just with the instruction book with the life-size fitting template, but it also comes with the installation video that makes the process easy. Easy and straightforward fitting helps us to save a lot of time and gives us a better look and presentation.
  • It comes with two fully adjustable, independent valves that you can control both the sweep motion and the catch closing. You can regulate it efficiently as per your needs and make it useful to serve your purpose at its best.
  • The doors are made from the most high-quality aluminum. They are zinc coated for anti-rust protection. Its high-quality steel encased hydraulics tested to complete five lakhs open and close cycle for its best performance.

The company is providing a full refund or replacement without asking any explanation. If you are not completely satisfied, then you can return it quickly. So, you can make a risk-free purchase of electronic door from any reputed seller without any fear of warranty, return, refund, or replacement.


So, that’s it. These three are by far the best automatic door closers available on the market which you can purchase without losing more money and putting the minimum efforts for installation. Hope this article helped you to find the perfect match. Have happy and safe years ahead.


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