Best Electronic Dog Door 2017 – Top Reviews

As a pet owner, you always prefer to provide the comfortable life to your pet, so you take care of their food, health, grooming, and exercise. For playing, exercise and walking your pet will be in and out of the house. And to make this easier, you would like to install dog door which provides convenience to you and your dog, so you don’t have to play the role of the porter for your dear pet. The automatic pet doors are so much comfortable that your doggy can open the door for himself to have food or to reach litter boxes.

Best Electronic Dog Door

Many types of dog doors like electronic, automatic, smart dog doors are available on the market depending on the safety level, size, weather condition and much more. Here I will make you aware of the reviews of best electronic dog doors that can control your pet’s access to the additional features it offers.

1) PetSafe SmartDoor

PetSafe SmartDoorPetSafe Smart door is battery operated that holds interior and exterior frame, mounting screws, cutting template, smart keys and key rings. The PetSafe Smart door offers your dear doggy a key to the house. If in automatic mode, this smart door will allow only the pet having the smart key to pass through the door.


  • It provides convenience to you and your pet due to the presence of particular entry, exit, and auto-locking functions.
  • Waterproof smart keys are worn on the pet’s collar which is battery operated.
  • It can be used for multiple pets as it is programmable for up to 5 smart keys.
  • You can install it in interior and exterior doors.


  • In cold weather, it may malfunction.
  • After a couple of months, in some cases, the door either remains locked or not at all locked.

2) High Tech Pet Electronic Dog Door

High Tech Pet PowerHigh Tech Pet door is an electronic dog door which is motor driven and completely automatic that is considered one of the best inventions for pets. The MS-4 ultrasonic collar activates the sliding door. It is available in two sizes – medium which is meant for 30 pounds’ pet and large for 100 pounds’ pet.


  • You can select in, out, full or closed access with the help of 4-way access control.
  • Enjoys the high level of security due to automatic deadbolt locking. You will find it airtight seal with the wind and weatherproof features.
  • Against intruders and stray animals, it is regarded one of the most secured pet doors due to automatic dead-bolt locking feature.
  • In extreme heat and cold, the door panel won’t break or crack due to high strength and military-grade resin.


  • Some buyers experience the quality of the collar poor.
  • More or less found that on installation screw hole covers broke down.

3) SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

SureFlap MicrochipSure Flap Microchip Pet Door can be installed in windows, walls, and doors and can be programmed at the touch of the button. It also works with the Sure Flap RFID collar tag. For glass installations, a Sure Flap Pet Door Mounting adaptor is required, and for wall installations Sure Flap Pet Door Tunnel Extenders are required.


  • To keep intruder animals out, it works with the microchip.
  • With the support to all microchip formats, you will find it well-matched.
  • At certain times, the door lock and unlock due to curfew mode.
  • With regular use, the 4 C cell batteries last up to a year.


  • It is found ineffectual against raccoons.
  • On battery failure, it will lock your pet out.

4) Ideal Pet Products E-Cat Electromagnetic Pet Door

Ideal Pet Products E-CatIdeal Pet Product Electromagnetic pet door ranges from 7 inches by 9 inches. It works perfectly for your small doggies. You will find it simple and sturdy with well-designed features. It is an easy to install door with the solidly construction. You can get it at the reasonable price.


  • The unwanted animals remained out due to the particular entry.
  • For exterior and interior use, it features weatherproof design.
  • It enjoys 4-way operation. The flap is translucent and indestructible.
  • One collar can work with two doors as it has the magnet in it that activates the door.


  • Occasionally locking mechanism does not work.
  • At times to unlock the door, it does not pick up the sensor very well.

5) Solo Pet Doors Automatic Dog Door

Solo Pet Door AutomaticSolo Pet Doors designs some of the top electronic dog doors on the market that are fully automatic. This door is made in the USA that works well. You will find out this equipment sturdy and well built. If you are planning to travel, then you can lock your doggy so that no other animals in the neighborhood enter your house.


  • It is available in 10 different sizes, so it works for the smallest pet to the largest dog.
  • Due to gravity, the door closes slowly, so it is considered safe for your pet.
  • It contains free pet tag sensor that helps in triggering the pet door that is attached to the pet’s collar.
  • It will not allow any annoying intruder to invade your house as it provides high security.


  • Some users face the problem of glitches.
  • The door can be opened by any magnet sometimes, so it becomes easy to break into your house.

6) Patio Pacific Endura Flap Door

Patio PacificPatio Pacific Endura Flap Door is having a well and sturdy design that offers excellent quality. The frame is made up of aluminum and so durable. You will find this door self –framing for all the doors. You will get worth your money as it possesses high-quality double flap door. It is easy to install in a panel door.


  • Single or double flap versions are energy efficient and weather resistant.
  • It provides simple training due to environmentally friendly flap and adaptable magnet strength.
  • When it is not in use, then access is closed off with the help of sturdy security locking cover.
  • You will enjoy the flexibility and safety with excellent design.


  • At times, it has several little air leaks.
  • Sometimes the dog hit the metal present on the outside of the flap which can affect the working of the pet door.  

From the above products, you can easily evaluate which electronic pet door will fulfill your requirements as they are automatic and motor-driven. Such door provides comfort to you and your furry friend. The reviews here will make you aware to the best electronic dog door available on the market. Choose the best-suited product for your pooch from them.